Career Counselling

The Ambition Tuition

Few careers are as potentially rewarding or as frustrating as that as that of a counselor especially at the senior level, as this is the time when the youngsters need to start thinking about their future careers, which needs a lot of focus and mature thinking, and unfortunately this is also the time when they are going through a lot of confusions and emotional upheavals. Each one is trying to find his/her identity while at the same time trying not to be the odd one out .A Guidance counselor tries to understand what motivates each student as well as his or her skills and desires. The team of counsellors and therapists at GD Goenka World School has many years of experience working with children and young people in various schools. All our counsellors are qualified and have been trained by organisations offering recognised accreditation for counsellors such as Delhi University and have been trained in leading mental health institutions such as VIMHANS in India and similar organisations abroad. Our counsellors work in tandem with the students their parents and teachers to achieve the best state of mind possible in the present turbulent academic, personal and social life. The counsellors are not only approachable to all those who come with their set of issues and problems, but they go that extra mile to reach out to the anxious young minds. We understand that parents have enormous expectations from their wards which our team here understands well and are suitably equipped to handle and advise them on the right course to take. Career & Guidance CellCareer guidance starts at grade IX. At this stage students are encouraged to learn about and get information of various job profiles, which helps them to develop an awareness of the world of work.

The next stage is in grade X when the student gets to know about his/her Aptitude and becomes aware of his interests and skills. This helps him/her to decide which subjects to take up in the XIth grade, so as to be able to pursue the career of his/ her choice. The students are also made aware of the need to perform well in the IGCSE exams, as these grades play a major role in admissions a the university level’ The XIth and XIIth grades are the most crucial years as far as higher studies is concerned. This is the time when students prepare and appear for external tests like the SAT’, TOEFL, IELTs, to enable them to get admissions in universities in countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada etc. They are made aware of the type of grades they require to enter the course and colleges of their choice, by being exposed to representatives of a large number of universities.

Apart from this students are encouraged to research and find out more about various universities and their application procedures. Workshops are held to apprize the students about the requirements for applications, procedures and the various deadlines.